Today marks the launch of SuperLayer, a crypto venture studio that aims to build new Web3 products focused on the next wave of new users entering crypto.

Photo by fabio on Unsplash

We believe that the intersection of easy-to-use Web3 UX, useful new consumer applications and engage-to-earn user economics are key problems we’re tackling to build the next generation of accessible web3 consumer products. We do this by building a community of builders that are passionate about creating bleeding-edge products and in partnership with the RLY community.

As founders of the Rally project, we set out to create a new Web3 solution for the creator economy by empowering creators and artists of all sizes to build independent tokenized economies with their communities. In the last year alone, we’ve grown the project from a handful of launch creators…


Building the future of the internet 🔮. A new Web 3 crypto venture studio for incubating, developing, & launching the next frontier of tokenized products. $RLY

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