Introducing SuperLayer: A Crypto Venture Studio to Build Consumer Products for the Next 100 Million New Users Entering Crypto

Today marks the launch of SuperLayer, a crypto venture studio that aims to build new Web3 products focused on the next wave of new users entering crypto.

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As founders of the Rally project, we set out to create a new Web3 solution for the creator economy by empowering creators and artists of all sizes to build independent tokenized economies with their communities. In the last year alone, we’ve grown the project from a handful of launch creators to more than 200 artists, creators, gamers, athletes and brands, with 70+% having built six-figure token economies with their communities, and 5 having built token economies worth more than $1M USD. And while Rally is just getting started, we realized the technology and roadmap we’re building for creators and artists could be broadened to other products with potential to reach even more people that could benefit from user-owned economics.

Today’s internet for most consumers is built on the rented space of big tech platforms. The internet we want to build at SuperLayer and with the $RLY community is one where anyone can contribute value to a product community, and in turn earn economics for their contributions. The web3 movement is picking up steam but we want to make it a reality for the many, not just the existing crypto-native few. We are launching SuperLayer because we believe there’s a massive opportunity to build more accessible crypto applications that blend web2 product sensibilities with web3 token economy design to turn every user into a creator and owner. We are launching these projects on top of the RLY network given the unique advantages it offers to application developers including substantial network rewards and continuous liquidity for subtokens. These projects will sit alongside and, primarily focusing on new consumer use cases where the introduction of a token creates a better user, creator or community experience.

By creating SuperLayer, we’re excited to double down on what we do best: attract and collaborate with amazing talent to ideate, launch and scale crypto startups from zero to one. When we think back on our careers founding companies like Rally, Forte, Kabam, Gen.G — also guiding builders from our venture capital days at Redpoint and Canaan — the best memories are always the earliest days. That’s what we’re recreating at SuperLayer.

For each project we launch we:

  1. Start with an idea and flesh it out until we have clarity and conviction on the opportunity, go-to-market and skill set needed to lead the product
  2. Mine our collective networks to find what we call a “Founding PM” to run the project as a co-founder and Head of Product
  3. Finalize scope and direction with the founding PM and fund the seed round
  4. Work together to take the project from initial concept to private alpha and public beta
  5. Ensure there’s sufficient capital via a compliant IDO or investor raise to put a full independent team in place to graduate the project

We plan to launch ~12–15 of these projects over the next two years, building a community of incredible builders that we accelerate with our capital, resources, networks, experience and expertise.

At SuperLayer, our core value proposition to Founding PMs is speed and deep expertise. While most crypto projects, like Rally, take ~2–3 years to go from idea to public launch, we can work with Founding PMs to leverage the RLY network, our team of functional experts and our expertise to go from idea to public launch in as little as 6 months. Founding PMs need to be world class, but only crypto curious rather than deeply crypto experienced. We will work side by side with Founding PMs to build their crypto expertise, while eliminating most of the typical initial hurdle of building a consumer crypto project.

We can’t wait to introduce some of our incredible Founding PMs and their projects over the coming months. We’re already cooking up a half dozen projects, some of which are set to launch in Q4. We will be building in a number of consumer verticals potentially including social media, gaming, communication/chat, identity and more. We are inspired by what we’re seeing in the play-to-earn space and think there’s a massive opportunity to build engage-to-earn web3 experiences that reward users with ownership for their everyday contributions.




Building the future of the internet 🔮. A new Web 3 crypto venture studio for incubating, developing, & launching the next frontier of tokenized products. $RLY

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Building the future of the internet 🔮. A new Web 3 crypto venture studio for incubating, developing, & launching the next frontier of tokenized products. $RLY

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